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“Slug Meal” explores a sensation of “matter out of place”:
 rooting from conceptions of immigrant food as distasteful.
 Haunted by a swallowed slug, this piece is a performative
 digestion, complexifying ideas of belonging and implications
 of ‘filth’ in a Chinese, feminised body.

premiered at OFFTA festival
 may 31-june 2 2024
 salle fred barry, theatre denise pelletiere
 tiotiah:ke, montreal

 choreography, performance, set by camille huang  

 sound design by camille huang,  
 with contributions from  
 reworked piano by victor burton-dallaire
 piano jenn mong  
 rehearsal direction- camil bellefleur  
 outside eyes: mélanie demers, angélique willkie 
 trailer filmed by thalia danielson at anti-space 

parbleux - inception residencies
workshopped at ATLAS impulstanz vienna 
possible with the support of the canada council of the arts