Feast of Fishbones

Choreography, artistic direction, performance: Camille Huang
Collaborators: Evelynn Yan (Performance), Rodolfo Rueda (sound)

Presentation Tangente - Danses Buissonieres 2023 . Oct 7-10

Resendencies: Studio Flak, Ecole de Danse Contemporaine de Montreal

i ate the slugs (working title)
choreography and solo performance camille huang

Mentors: Angélique Willkie, Mélanie Demers

Rennweg Studios
Vienna, Austria. 

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“How To For Dummies” (Work in Progress)


In collaboration with Julianna Bryson, Laura Brisson and Jenn Mong

*current ongoing research

Presentation LA SERRE - Vous Êtes Ici Residency 2023 November

Art Direction and Movement Direction for Sarah Rossy

Sarah Rossy, La Conserve Media

Camille Huang is a Chinese-Canadian dance artist, choreographer, and visual artist currently based in Tiotià:ke, Montreal.  They began to choreograph contemporary dance solos at 15 years old and have continued to develop their creation skills and movement exploration at any opportunity since. As a second generation immigrant as well as the first generation artist in her family lineage, Camille’s work unfolds pluralities-poetic-mixed.  She has a background in anthropology at Concordia and McGill university. They are a graduate of L’École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal.

Throughout their time at L’École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal, Camille has worked with Helen Simard, Sebastien Provencher, Parts + Labour Danse, Hélène Remoué, Edgar Zendejas, Stacey Désilier, James Viveiros and Stefania Skoryna, Jacque Poulin-Denis, as well as notably performed the repertoire of compagnie Marie Chouinard (”Cri Du Monde”) and Stephanie Lake Company (Danse Danse) in 2023.

My work is always curious about identity, space and pluralities. I want to research the emotional, physical, intimate and culturally plural and complex experiences of the body and bodies together.

I take seriously the play of the creative process and am infinitely enlivened by it. I follow curiosity, a charged space, pleasure, listening, which I find particularly generative and intelligent.

I want to ask unanswerable questions and reach curious worlds.