“SLUG MEAL” is a solo performance where the performer is haunted by the imagination of the slug, disgust, taste and distaste. A digestive slime emerges from the cultural meaning makings of taste and distaste, purity and dirtiness. This piece is a performative digestion of an inter-cultural inquiry between whiteness and the body I inhabit: complexifying ideas of purity, belonging and implications of ‘filth’ in a chinese, feminised body.

choreography and solo performance camille huang
Mentors: Angélique Willkie, Mélanie Demers

Rennweg Studios
Vienna, Austria.

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..Set amidst the echo of ‘immigrant identity’, the foods-smells-sensations that are brought from one place to another are at constant risk of whitewashing. The scene becomes at once, both washed and dirty. The performer undulates between formal abstraction through decontextualized objects and the guttural emergence of their own visceral body.