Feast of Fishbones
Tangente, 2023-2024 

“Feast of Fishbones” explores a poetic landscape inside the body and its impulse for transformation through mixed media and the visceral body. The artists create a space where they have the freedom to rebirth into something they’ve imagined, into fictions of their identities. “Feast of Fishbones” is a corporeal song of dreamed creatures where their bodies morph in and out of one another, becoming the monsters of their dreams, grotesque and delicious. They breathe. They dance a guttural trance. They undulate in and out of a kaleidoscopic symmetry. The thread of impulses from one body to the next births a morphing creature, both tender and electric.

Choreography, artistic direction: Camille Huang
Collaborators: Evelynn Yan (Performance), Rodolfo Rueda (sound)
Presentation Tangente - Danses Buissonieres 2023 . Oct 7-10
Resendencies: Studio Flak, Ecole de Danse Contemporaine de Montreal
Support from Canada Council for the Arts

L: Photo by Rodolfo Rueda         R: Photo by Denis Martin, Danses Buissonnieres, Tangente 2023.

Feast of Fishbones, Camille Huang, Evelynn Yan, Danses Buissonnieres, Filmed by Thalia Danielson, Tangente 2023.
...We play within our own and each other’s gaze to create a utopia where we have the freedom for metamorphosis. We smirk towards the audience and become close to devouring you. If you can see us, it is almost a trick we play. We invite you in, untraceable, unnameable and barely seen with the light. We are the ones that gaze back...